Circumstances Dictates Another Look At George W. Bush and His Presidency We Must Not Forget

Given that the GOP is much meaner today than ever and, with everyone having such a short memory, it’s time to take another look at the Bush years and “remember” just how bad it was.


The Deliberate ‘Lying’ About Federal Jobs Training Programs – VIDEO

Why is Obama being blamed for 47 federal jobs training programs when he added only three of them?


Reason No. 53 for #OWS: Administrations’ Allowing Agency Heads Run Wild (Until News Media Exposes Them)

April 3, 2012 Martha Johnson was President Obama’s pick to head the General Services Administration (GSA) back in early 2010. Yesterday she resigned after the Washington Post exposed her lavish spending of $835,000 on a party for the agency at … [CLICK TO READ MORE]