President-Elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet

President-Elect Donald Trump is rapidly assembling his cabinet. Tomorrow, January 10, 2017, begins the confirmation process by the US Senate for some of those appointees who require confirmation. It is expected that some will be confirmed immediately while others will meet with resistance from the left side of the isle.

I am in the process of completing a document of the appointees, and appointed members that do not require Senate approval, along with photos of each. It is a work in progress but I wanted to make it available since the confirmations are beginning. The document currently has about 40 members.

It is also linked at the top of this page as “Donald Trump’s Cabinet”.


Trump And His Congress’ New Governance Strategy: Repeal And Renege

Donald Trump and his GOP-controlled Congress have officially kicked off their new governance strategy: Repeal and Renege.

So how does that strategy work? Make promises to “the people” which in turn got them elected then Repeal & Renege after sworn into office; the old tried & true “bait & switch” ploy:

“What makes our strategy so effective? By the time the idiots realize we’ve lied to them yet again we and our wealthy friends will have won – once again – and it’ll be too late for anyone to do anything about it.”

“It’s Great to Be the King.”

King Trump and Subjects