They Wouldn’t Dare Call Themselves Nazis! Would They?

The Alternative-Right, more commonly known as the Alt-Right, has invaded America with a vengeanceful intent to destroy our Democratic Republic and replace it with a fascist government that would make Adolf Hitler both envious & proud. Their self-declared leader – Steve Bannon – is a senior White House advisor to their “second-coming” of Jesus Christ: President-Elect Donald Trump.

The alternative-right has their own website where they proudly claim “We are The Founding Site Of The Alt-Right”.


Alternative Right is an Identitarian website created by Richard Spencer and Colin Liddell in 2010 and the later “New Alternative Right” webzine, edited by Liddell and Andy Nowicki, that was created when the first website was shut down in 2013. Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right was hosted at [Link added] and funded by NPI America before Spencer shut it down, saying it was too much work to manage.

The site’s white nationalist stance has attracted criticism from the Anti-Defamation League and it has been described by The Atlantic of being a “white supremacist” site.

In 2012, Alternative Right published an article entitled “Is Black Genocide Right?” It stated that the black race “has contributed almost nothing to the pool of civilization” and asked “whether Black Genocide is something worth considering”; after drawing widespread criticism, the article was deleted from the site.

The alt-right website even has a detailed county-by-county map which shows the population concentration of all non-whites in America as well as those who they tag as “white liberals” counties. One can only guess why they would go to such trouble to identify the location of people who don’t meet their genetic and social/political standards.

So where does America go from here? If the past two decades are any indication, fully expect hundreds, maybe thousands, of one-uppers to flood the media, and our federal, state and local governments.

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Alt-Right Nazism


Trump’s AG Pic: I’m OK With Lynching Ni**ers But Draw The Line On Smoking Pot.

Jeff SessionsDonald Trump has picked Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama as Attorney General under his Administration. Well known as an open racist, Sessions once said the KKK was fine “until I found out they smoked pot.” Therefore, it’s correct to assume that Sessions is just fine with Lynching black people (and most likely, any other person of color) but has a God-fearing problem with those who smoke pot.

It should come as no surprise that Trump picked such a deviate to join his Administration what with Trump himself being a racist and proudly declares that he doesn’t drink, smoke or use any other social mind-altering drugs.

Trump and Sessions will obviously be best buds walking hand in hand throughout Trumps Presidency (If the Republican-controlled Congress approves the nominee).


Here’s Definitive Proof Of Whether You’re A Racist Or Not

Most Caucasian’s don’t like to think of themselves as racist. So if asked if they’re racist you’ll likely to get the following response: ‘No, of course not. I have a friend who is black’ – as if that’s proof-positive they’re not racist. However, that does not settle the argument. And, to be absolutely honest, there is no reasonable way to identify a racist other than those who carry the symbols of racism such as the swastika or other known badges of racism. But now we have a situation that will surely tell you who and who isn’t a racist.

racist or notPresident-elect Donald Trump has officially named Stephen (Steve) Bannon, a well-known white nationalist, as his “Chief Strategist to the President or, senior counselor to the president. Bannon, as you might already know, is the CEO of, a far right-wing website whose specialty is publishing heavily-slanted news, fake news, conspiracy theories AND embracing and supporting racist organizations such as the KKK.

So here’s the test-question that requires only a single-word answer to determine if you’re racist or not: Do you support Trump’s pick of Steve Bannon as a member of his cabinet?

If ‘No’, then you’re probably not racist; however, if your answer is ‘Yes’ then count yourself as a bonafide racist.

Test over!

Qualifying the test:

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