A Small Ray Of Hope Emerges From The 2016 Presidential Election

Well, the 2016 Presidential Election is over and out of the ashes emerges a victor who belongs to a species that ranks below the Hominoidea. Some may dispute that but they would certainly agree that he doesn’t belong to the modern human race. But despite that sad fact, there is a ray of hope for legitimate modern-day American humans.

The latest total vote’s casted stands at 119,944,748: Clinton received 60,122,876 against Trump’s 59,821,874 – over 300,000 more than Trump. And that spread seems to be increasing by the day, which tells us something very important.

Although Trump won the election with electoral votes rather than popular votes, we can now proclaim that a majority of voting Americans – although a small majority – legitimately belong to the modern human species. You disagree, you say?!? Then who else would vote for a Hominoidea?

2016 Presidential Election


The Final ‘Liar, Liar’ Tally For Clinton and Trump

PolitiFact has tallied up their final 2016 presidential election score of lies vs. truths for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Not only was it not a horse race, it didn’t even come in close.


BREAKING: No Change On ‘Our Conclusions That We Expressed In July’: Comey No Surprises - Only Trump and GOP Disappointment

FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress today saying they had reviewed all the new emails they found on Anthony Weiner’s computer and they have nothing that would change their earlier conclusion about charging Hillary Clinton.

Does this surprise anyone? Probably not but you’ve got to know that the Trump campaign and a large swath of Republican officials are gathering behind closed doors to rev up their spin machine. I can hear it now: ‘I don’t give a damn if she’s not guilty. I want her in jail!!’

All hail (NO) to Fuhrer Trump and his legends of brown shirts!