Attacking The Root Cause Of Our Country’s Problems: The News Media – Bunker Builders First in a Series

The news media has built a bunker around the root cause of America’s problems, preventing us from getting to it with the cure.


Official Emails That Escalated Benghazi Controversy Were Edited By Republicans Before Release

Official email excerpts were edited by Republicans in order to support their allegations of cover-up and conspiracy and then leaked to the news media.


Why News Anchors And Reporters Took Sides On Bush Tax Cuts Fight

News anchors and reporters had a vested interest in making Bush tax cuts permanent.


Pollsters Abandoning Election Day Exit Polls In 19 States. WHY?

The National Election Pool, which consists of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News and the Associated Press, has announced that they will not be conducting any exit polls in 19 states on Election Day this year. The states that have … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

On #OccupyWallStreet’s First Anniversary, Time To Refocus On Root Problems

One year ago today #OccupyWallStreet staged their first organized protest in Manhattan’s financial district to bring attention to the corruption that caused the financial crisis of 2008. Thousands attended the protest, sparking other protest all across the nation. But it … [CLICK TO READ MORE]