Criminal Justice, Arizona Style: Republican-Appointed Judge Allows Convicted Sexual Abuser To Walk Free While Admonishing Victim

Arizona police officer Robb Gary Evans goes into a bar, walks by one woman and pinched her on the butt, walked up behind another woman, ran his hand up her skirt and molested her genital area. A jury convicted Evans … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Committing Suicide, Susan G. Komen Style

Susan G. Komen Foundation decides to make huge right turn into politics and within minutes of Komen’s announcement, Facebook and Twitter light up like a roman candle.


Maybe For The First Time, The Old Man Agrees With Glenn Beck Riots *Will* Come To America

August 22, 2011 In 1789 the French citizens reached their breaking point after 15 years of tyrannous rule under Louis XVI. They stormed the Bastille and removed Louis and the Royal Family from power. Louis was beheaded in 1793, along … [CLICK TO READ MORE]