Why Won’t The South Just Admit it: ‘We’re Racist’! (Graphs)

No US President in history has been literally hated more than Barack Obama. The hate began before Obama took office. It was visible shortly after he clinched the Democratic nomination June 4, 2008, and it took on a whole new … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Country Discovers What Texas Residents’ Already Knew About Rick Perry

How does a country like America fall to the point of considering a man like Rick Perry for President?


Reason’s No. 38 & 39 for #OWS: It’s The SEC – AGAIN; Revolving Elevator and SEC Criminal Walking

January 13, 2012 Matt Taibbi, a long-time critic of government corruption, has written about yet another Securities and Exchange Commission official who “bought” his way through the revolving door express elevator and landed right into the arms of the Futures … [CLICK TO READ MORE]