So You Think You Know Who and What Darrell Issa Is? Think Again!

Darrell Issa, as it turns out, is nothing more than a Bono fide criminal, guilty of theft and arson for profit.


(Huge) Reason No. 65 for #OWS: Spend Millions Identifying Crimes Committed by Bankers Then Declare ‘It’s Just Too Hard To Prosecute’

Impunity: If you want the ultimate mental picture which adequately describes this word, just imagine Wall Street bankers sitting on their thrones. It would fit the official description perfectly: Exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm. The Department of Justice will … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Question: How Many People Do You Know Who Were Subpoenaed, Refused To Comply and Weren’t Arrested?

Wells Fargo gets pass after pass on not complying with a legal subpoena.