Watch Video Of Electronic Obama Vote Switching To Romney Vote

Can this be true? An un-named voter uploaded the following video saying when he tried to vote for President Obama the electronic voting machine switched his vote to Mitt Romney. He canceled the vote, took out his camera and recorded … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

NOPE! No Voter Fraud By Republicans. (If You Believe In The Tooth Fairy Too.) – Update

There’s a fairly new political saying that goes like this: “it’s ok if you’re a Republican” (IOKIYAR). There’s also an image that doesn’t call it what it is if a Republican is doing it. And both of these are no … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

CNBC’s Becky Quick Nearly Gave Joe Kernen A Heart Attack – VIDEO

James Tisch, Loews CEO, was a guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning, but he wasn’t talking about Lowes per say. The conversation focused on their other businesses, mainly oil and gas, and natural gas pipelines. It was the latter … [CLICK TO READ MORE]