Top News Picks for w/o May 31, 2015

Here is CPS News’ top five news picks for the week.


Let Corporations Be ‘Free’ Enterprises By Eliminating $2 Trillion In Corporate Welfare

May 2, 2012 How does this sound? Over the next 4 years we could cut $520.9 billion from our debt by just ending certain corporate welfare programs. That’s more than one-half trillion dollars. Sounds good, doesn’t it. Well, how about … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Senate Republicans Vote Once Again To Protect Big Oil Welfare

March 29, 2012 In the Senate today, 45 of the 47 Republican members, along with 4 (Blue Dog) Democrats, voted to continue corporate welfare for oil companies (See list below). Therefore taxpayers of America must continue to come up with … [CLICK TO READ MORE]