War On Obamacare Began In 1993

Obamacare actually got its roots during the Clinton Presidency of 1993, nearly becoming “Clintoncare”.


Tell Me. Are You One Of The ‘Food Taster’ Fools?

For the past few days the right, led by Fox Faux, the right-wing media has gone crazy over President Obama having a food taster. So tell me — are you one of the fools falling for the intended implication that … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Corporate America Should Be Shouting ‘Give Us Another ‘Anti-Business’ President Like Obama’

Here are the stats: Under Republican President Ronald Reagan, annual real corporate profit grew by 2.3%. Under Republican President George H.W. Bush, it was a negative 9.5%. Republican Bush II was minus 17.4%. But under Democrat Bill Clinton, a respectable … [CLICK TO READ MORE]