Obama Responsible For Terrible Federal Response During Hurricane Katrina, So Says Majority of Louisiana Republicans

Someone notable once said that if President Obama single-handily found a way to cure cancer, the right wouldn’t give him credit for it. This headline proves that to be true. More Louisiana Republicans blame Obama for the poor response from … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Never-Changing GOP: Blame Others For Their Wickedness

Congress is in recess for a full five weeks. The last thing the House did on Friday was vote on a bill to repeal Obamacare – the 40th such attempt. But they have great plans for their recess: “take a … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Republicans ‘Justify’ Any Opposition To Democratic Efforts. Now It’s Military Rapes.

Some GOP lawmakers are trying to play down military rapes and blame the rapes on anything and everything except criminal behavior.