Wayne LaPierre, Meet The Newtown, Connecticut Children Who Died

Wayne LaPierre, meet the children whose right-to-life was taken away so you could retain your civil liberties to own the same type weapon we former soldiers used to kill a dozen enemies in Vietnam without having to reload.


The New GOP Mentality: Female Body Aborts Pregnancy By Rape – Video

The newly-minted Republican US Senatorial candidate of Missouri, Todd Akin, made a complete fool of himselfduring an interview Sunday with a local Fox TV station in St. Louis. Akin “understands from doctors” that a woman’s body is capable of aborting … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Which Form of Government Does the GOP Really Want? It Depends.

March 12, 2012 Why does the GOP have so many positions on the same or like issues? They say they want a smaller, leaner government, but demand a colossal military. They demand a smaller budget but insist upon spending irresponsibly … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Why Is This Man Going To Jail For Doing The Same Thing As Wall Street Bankers?

September 23, 2011 Denny Ray Hardin ran the Private Bank of Denny Ray Hardin and was convicted of 11 counts of creating fictitious obligations and 10 counts of mail fraud. His crime was selling bad “bonded promissory notes” to unsuspecting … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The tea party Caucus – Small Minority Rules Congress

August 8, 2011 Well, we all know how the debt ceiling war went; “the people” lost. Of course, “we the people” never had anyone in there fighting for us, so “we the people” never had a chance. But it could … [CLICK TO READ MORE]