OK, Let’s Talk About These ‘Small Businesses’ Eric Cantor and the GOP Keeps Throwing In Our Face – Again

Once again those “small business” tax-cut advocates trying to con the public on exactly who those tax cuts are really for.


With the Drums of War Getting Louder, It’s Time to Revisit an Old Post: The Fabrication of Cause for War with Iraq

The Iraqi war was born out of a desire for personal revenge using drummed up and fabricated evidence. Now, just ten years later, many of those same warmongers are beating the drums of war with Iran.


Meet the *REAL* Tea Party of America

October 5, 2011 Are you one of that who was a member or supporter of the (corporate) tea party but ran like a scolded dog once you discovered who they really were? If so, you’re in good company. Now! If … [CLICK TO READ MORE]