Yes, America, On The Issue Of Bullying, It Does Matter What Romney Did As A Teenager

May 11, 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is under attack for alleged bullying as a high school teenager. As expected, many on the right are defending Romney but not so much as in defending his “actions”. Their defense is in … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Effects of a Black President What Would The Political Climate NOT Look Like Had Hillary Clinton Been Elected President?

A black man being elected to the highest office in the land has conspicuously exposed one of our not-so-well-hidden secrets. It has brought out the absolute worst of our society, to the point of being savage.


Recess Appointments: Republicans Upset That Obama Played By The Rules Or, IO(O)KIYAR - It’s OK (Only) If You’re A Republican

January 4, 2012 Today President Obama made his recess appointment to head the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau. Richard Cordray is the man. Obama picked him after having cowed on Elizabeth Warren, who is considered the “mother” of the Bureau. The … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Three GOP 5-Star Generals: John Bolton, Grover Norquist and Frank Luntz

December 2, 2011 Well-known neo-conservative John Bolton is the poster child of why we should be afraid of the GOP. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Bolton has made some outrageous and idiotic statements in the past. He … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Sailor and Marine – Standing Together Against Tyranny

October 30, 2011 If you haven’t heard about Scott Olsen yet, you obviously don’t care much about what your country has turned into. And you certainly don’t care that money and power has taken control of your country. But just … [CLICK TO READ MORE]