What Is RNC Really Up To By Warring With CNN And NBC?

During the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary, there were no less than 77 candidates who announced their candidacy. Of course there were only 13 that the Republican National Committee officially recognized and allowed to participate in the debates. Of those 13, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Fed Chairman Speaks; Commodities Plunge. Is This ‘Supply and Demand’?

Federal Reserve Chairman spoke last night and said the Fed was likely to curb stimulus measures later this year. This morning the entire market is taking a dive. Notable is that all commodities are down considerably. That’s your coffee, sugar, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

QE3: Wall Street Party’s, Main Street On The Hook – Again

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke shoved another train load of money out the door yesterday right into the hands of Wall Street in the form of QE3. He’s promised $40 billion each and every month until — further notice; with … [CLICK TO READ MORE]