Let’s Get This Payroll Tax Cut Debacle Cleared Up

December 20, 2011 This won’t take but just a couple of minutes. Democrats (and evidently, several Senate Republicans) want to pass a clean payroll tax cut bill, which they’ve agreed to limit to just two months. But the House Republicans, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

More Details on Bloomberg’s Report on the Koch Brothers

October 3, 2011 Knowing most folks simply won’t want to read the report put out last night about the Koch brothers, I thought I just give you a few of the highlights. No don’t go to sleep on me, OK? … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Corporate Jets and More: Subsidized By Taxpayers

June 30, 2011 Maybe you’ve heard by now but President Obama wants to close several tax and subsidy loopholes including one for corporate jets (which Republicans are defending). What that’s about is that corporations are allowed to write off the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]