Corporate America Offers To ‘Help’ Fix Our Debt

These CEO’s are offering the same ol’, same ol’ – more Trickle-Down-Economics.


Wait, What? ‘Corporate America’ Wants Our Debt Fixed? REALLY?

The very entity that played a huge role – maybe the biggest – in amassing the super debt facing America today has now placed themselves front and center as the group who wants our debt fixed: Corporate America! How arrogant! … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Corporate America Should Be Shouting ‘Give Us Another ‘Anti-Business’ President Like Obama’

Here are the stats: Under Republican President Ronald Reagan, annual real corporate profit grew by 2.3%. Under Republican President George H.W. Bush, it was a negative 9.5%. Republican Bush II was minus 17.4%. But under Democrat Bill Clinton, a respectable … [CLICK TO READ MORE]