Oil Traders Prove President Romney Will Send Oil Skyrocketing – (Graph)

Republicans love to say that gas prices have doubled under President Obama. While it’s true that has happened since Obama has been in office, it’s not because of Obama. Those prices would have doubled under any President, Democrat or Republican, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

What If George W. Bush Had Told Us What He Intended To Do As President? Would You Have Voted For Him?

The number one issue Republicans have avoided over the past 4 years — as if it was the black plague — is the Presidency of George W. Bush. As the entire human species knows, there’s more-than sufficient reasons for the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Sandy Weill, Hero Of Bankers Everywhere, Has Gotten Religion He’s Trying to Rewrite His Legacy

it’s entirely possible he doesn’t want his legacy to be ‘the person who thrust the final dagger into the heard of America’s financial greatness’.