Wall Street Is ‘Disappointed’ In Fed Decision Today

December 14, 2011 CNBC, CNN and several other news services are announcing the same “un-breaking” news this morning. In fact, some of them have repeated it over and over. Although there might be slight variations on how they frame the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

World Financial Collapse, Round Two?

August 4, 2011 Today was a really bad day for Wall Street. The Dow fell more than 512 points, with the other indices following suit in a big way. Crude oil fell more than $5, and the price of gas … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

That Darned ‘Anti-Business’ President; He’s ‘Destroying’ Capitalism

December 26, 2010 We’ve heard all the rhetoric about President Obama being bad for businesses. Even though just the opposite has been proven over and over, the anti-Obama crowd just keeps saying it. Now there even more evidence that the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

New York Times Opens Up Chamber

October 21, 2010 Correction: Of the $149 million in contributions mentioned below, 45 donors contributed only half. The news and blogging world is buzzing right now about the latest article by the New York Times. Called “Top Companies Aid Chamber of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

News Hits of the Day – October 20, 2010

Meanness and bullying in campaigns; Who the tea party really represents; corporate campaign money; Corporate looting of America; and bank, fraaud, fraud, and more fraud.