Animated Inequality Map Covering The Past 36 Years

The animated inequality map reveals a result that could have never been accomplished without the corrupt actions of our federal and state officials.


Why Is Income Inequality Being So Rigorously Defended This Time Around?

The rich have no intention whatsoever of backing off their race to the top of income inequality this time around.


Today’s Brief’s October 17, 2012 Voter Fraud, Bank Fraud and Politifact Flip-Flops

Remember the voter registration company the Republican National Committee (RNC) and a dozen states dropped like a hot potato once it became public that the company was committing voter fraud? The company was Strategic Allied Consulting and owned by Nathan … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

VIDEOS – CNBC: ‘The Investment World Has Gone Awry’ and ‘Tax Cuts Don’t Increase Employment’

October 20, 2011 Something got into the drinking water at CNBC today. They “allowed” two guests to come on and talk about things that Wall Street’s Public Relations (propaganda) network usually doesn’t put up with. Hedge Fund “Legend” Michael Steinhardt, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

It’s Time to Talk About the False Claim That Tax Cuts, Less Regulation and Tax Holiday’s Stimulates Hiring – Again!

October 5, 2011 Question: What’s the number one two-worded phrase, frequently repeated on a daily basis, coming out of the mouths of Republican officials and GOP talking heads? I’m Waitinnnnnnnnnnng! Walla! “Tax cuts!” You win the prize! It’s their answer … [CLICK TO READ MORE]