It’s Well Past Time To Take Global CO2 Levels Serious – Charts

Global CO2 levels stayed level for nearly a million years until the mid 1800′s, at which time humans introduced fossil fuels.


Fox Faux Finally Admits They’re Not Interested In Facts, As Does Another Murdoch-Owned Organization – VIDEO

August 25, 2011 “We Report, You Decide”? Really!? What can one say? It’s never really been a secret. It’s just that they denied it — up until now. Now they’ve admitted they’re not interested in the truth. Clayton Morris, one … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Hopefully Newt Is Finished; America Can’t Afford Him

June 14, 2011 The headlines last week is considered a sign by many that Newt Gingrich is finished as a Presidential candidate for 2012. While the alternatives aren’t much better, if any, the country certainly doesn’t need Newt Gingrich sitting … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

‘Jobs’: Just Another Boondoggle By The GOP

June 1, 2011 Just in case you have been boondoggled by the Republicans new “Jobs Plan” they recently announced, I thought I’d give you a few different looks from some reliable sources. Republicans announce jobs plan: This time it’s different … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Koch Brothers and the Budget Deal

April 13, 2011 As I’ve already said; floating crap stinks, no matter how long it’s been under water. Compliments of A World of Progress: Did Koch Industries write the budget deal? Or is it just a coincidence that so many … [CLICK TO READ MORE]