Is This the End Times for Capitalism?

June 18, 2012 Has capitalism failed in the US?  Or has it been a success? It depends on who you ask. However, by the strictest of definitions, it’s impossible to know; because it has never been given a chance to … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

RepubObama and the Closet-Republican Democrats

December 15, 2011 Credibility: The quality of being believed or trusted. If President Barack Obama is expecting to be reelected next year, he’d better find a whole bunch of Republicans to vote for him; because he has absolutely no credibility … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Official Declaration from OccupyWallStreet

October 2, 2011 OccupyWallStreet has officially been around for a month or so. But it wasn’t until they physically marched on Wall Street that several bloggers suggested they should have a declaration of their goals. OWS heard them. The declaration … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Corporate Jets and More: Subsidized By Taxpayers

June 30, 2011 Maybe you’ve heard by now but President Obama wants to close several tax and subsidy loopholes including one for corporate jets (which Republicans are defending). What that’s about is that corporations are allowed to write off the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Obama: The GOP’s ‘Secret Weapon’ On Debt Ceiling

June 27, 2011 As has been well reported, Republican Representative Eric Cantor suddenly and without warning abandoned the debt ceiling talks with Vice-President Joe Biden last week. Some claim it was to protect the rich, which is easy to believe … [CLICK TO READ MORE]