Top News Picks for w/o May 31, 2015

Here is CPS News’ top five news picks for the week.


Why Is the GOP Fighting Harder and Nastier Than Ever For Power? Thirty Years of ‘Hard Work’ In Jeopardy.

February 6, 2012 In his Florida post-election speech last Tuesday night, Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said “If Barack Obama gets re-elected, it will be a disaster for the United States of America.” Most will simply write that statement off as … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The ‘Not-So-Honorable’ Justice Clarence Thomas

June 23, 2011 After being given a criminals’ full pardon by the nation’s citizen’s over their ruling on Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission, the Supreme Court now feels absolutely undaunted to flaunt their corruption. The latest: “Real estate magnate … [CLICK TO READ MORE]