Romney’s Tax-Dodging Offshore Accounts Exposed

We American voters are a very, very strange bunch: We are willing to accept, as President of our county, an American company-killing, job-outsourcing, anti-worker, tax-dodging candidate — — as long as he belongs to our favored political party. Just today … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

(Huge) Reason No. 65 for #OWS: Spend Millions Identifying Crimes Committed by Bankers Then Declare ‘It’s Just Too Hard To Prosecute’

Impunity: If you want the ultimate mental picture which adequately describes this word, just imagine Wall Street bankers sitting on their thrones. It would fit the official description perfectly: Exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm. The Department of Justice will … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Reason No. 64 for #OWS: GOP Congressmen Still Asking Wall Street Banks For Wall Street Reform Ideas

In advance of planned hearings this fall, House Financial Services Chairman Spencer Bachus has asked the financial industryto offer suggestions on how they should be regulated. Translated, he’s asking Wall Street banks to write Wall Street reform laws. As if … [CLICK TO READ MORE]