Fox Faux Births Another Obama Conspiracy – VIDEO

Another chain email is surely under construction, if not already floating around the WWW, accusing Obama of stealing from your savings accounts.


Media Ignoring Elephant In Room On Why Investors Are Just Now Piling Into The Market

Investors were listening to the scare tactics that were designed solely to demean Obama and prevent him from being re-elected.


Today’s Brief’s: November 16, 2012 UK vs. US on Bank Bailouts, BP Criminal Plea Reveals Fox Faux's Lies and Wall Street Banker's Go after Elizabeth Warren

A report is out this morning saying that United Kingdom tax payers could lose $107 billion (66 billion pounds) used to bailout the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds during the height of the financial crisis of 2008. Margaret Hodge, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]