So You Think You Know Who and What Darrell Issa Is? Think Again!

Darrell Issa, as it turns out, is nothing more than a Bono fide criminal, guilty of theft and arson for profit.


By The Way; Obama DID NOT Do These Things To Get Re-Elected

Well, the Presidential Election is over. And guess what. All those things the right-wing media was saying President Obama would do to get elected did not happen. President Obama DID NOT release any oil or gas reserves to enhance his … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Voter Fraud and Suppression List How the GOP Is Trying to Stealing This Year's Election - and Beyond

For the past three Presidential elections the GOP has been successful twice due strictly to their underhanded ways. They managed a win for George W. Bush in 2000 by illegally manipulating the Florida vote and count. Having gotten away with … [CLICK TO READ MORE]