Reason No. 70 for #OWS: The Epitome of the Revolving Door

Mary Schapiro becomes the latest ex-government employee to walk through the revolving door to receive her rewards from the financial industry.


Wall Street / Government Maneuver To Keep Gas Prices High Opening the Door to Bring US Gas Prices In Line With Europe

For decades WTI (West Texas Intermediate – our best) oil has been the bench mark for crude oil prices on Wall Street. The cost of wholesale gasoline has always been set against WTI crude prices. But starting earlier this year, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Today’s Briefs: September 20, 2012

In their attacks on President Obama, Fox Faux has often criticized the bailout of General Motors and Chrysler Corporation while touting Ford’s success without receiving bailout funds. (Of course, they conveniently ignore the fact that President Bush initiated the auto … [CLICK TO READ MORE]