Iraqi War: George W. Bush’s Unmistakably War Of Choice – VIDEO

Bush outright and knowingly lied in order to get us into the Iraqi War.


Obama’s Spending and Deficit: Just How Bad Is It?

May 28, 2012 Okay, so we all know a Democrat occupies the White House; has a funny sounding last name; and he’s black; and we know Republicans, Islamophobiaists and other racist are really, really pissed about all of that. But … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

With the Drums of War Getting Louder, It’s Time to Revisit an Old Post: The Fabrication of Cause for War with Iraq

The Iraqi war was born out of a desire for personal revenge using drummed up and fabricated evidence. Now, just ten years later, many of those same warmongers are beating the drums of war with Iran.


The ‘Messaging’ For War With Iran Is Well Underway

January 3, 2012 Last month I wrote about how Republicans seem to have an eternal love affair with war, and suggested that either Syria or Iran would be next if left up to the GOP. Well, it certainly looks like … [CLICK TO READ MORE]