Pampered Elite: Screw You, Working People! Work Until You Drop!

Corporate America and wealthy people want working people to keep doing these things until you are at least 70 years old! Or, you drop dead “on the job”.


Tax Cuts: When Documented Facts Don’t Suit Republicans, They Simply Demand Its Removal

This is typical of the current crop of Republicans serving in Congress, and in states all across the nation. When indisputable facts don’t suit their ideological claims, they simply try to destroy them.


Today’s Brief’s: October 18, 2012 Obama’s Deficit Reduction, CNBC Mad at Us Commoners and Mitt Romney 'Harvesting' Another Company

When President Obama was campaigning in 2008 he said he would cut the deficit by one-half by the end of his first term. You may recall that Mitt Romney jammed that down Obama’s throat at the debate earlier this week. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]