The tea party Caucus – Small Minority Rules Congress

August 8, 2011 Well, we all know how the debt ceiling war went; “the people” lost. Of course, “we the people” never had anyone in there fighting for us, so “we the people” never had a chance. But it could … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

We Blame the Republicans; We Trust Them Less; But We’re Voting for Them Anyway – Even If They Do Want to Take Away Our Social Security

Voters blame and distrust Republicans more than Democrats. Yet they’re going to let them take away their Social Security.


Other Interesting Headlines – Week of September 20, 2010

Australia’s health care vs. US health care; Medicare and Medicare Advantage; health care reform repeal; Republicans getting their share of stimulus money; Paul Volcker slams financial reform; 21 percent of Forbes 400 richest are investors; and tens of thousands being laid off when Obama stimulus package expires.