Today’s Brief’s: April 3, 2013 Corporations Suddenly Against Tax Reform, Congress Responds Quickly to Corporate Demands and Congressional Members Still Protecting Themselves

How many times have we heard from corporate America and their political Party that corporate taxes are too high? It’s a charge we hear all – the – time. So, in an attempt to fix the “too high” “problem”, major … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Obama’s Tax Plan – No Big Surprised Just What He Campaigned On

Republicans are demanding that wealthy people get to keep their tax cuts but President Obama’s tax plan eliminates them.


Today’s Brief’s October 17, 2012 Voter Fraud, Bank Fraud and Politifact Flip-Flops

Remember the voter registration company the Republican National Committee (RNC) and a dozen states dropped like a hot potato once it became public that the company was committing voter fraud? The company was Strategic Allied Consulting and owned by Nathan … [CLICK TO READ MORE]