Attacking Root Cause Of Political, Economic And Social Problems: Elected Officials

The root cause of the decline of our Democratic Republic lies with our corrupt elected officials and who controls them.


Erin Burnett’s Inevitable Demise At CNN She Authored Her Own Script for Failure

May 2, 2012 One year ago today I reported that Erin Burnett was leaving CNBC for CNN. No doubt she was motivated by two things: (larger-than-life) fame and even larger fortunes. However, it seems the former isn’t working out so … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

A Message From AmpedStatus: Welcome to the #OWS 99% Movement ‘We Will NOT Be Co-Opted’ Working Group

October 7, 2011 Source This is not an official statement from the #OWS 99% Movement. As a decentralized leaderless movement, in our opinion, there is no one group, organization, website or individual who can speak for the movement as a … [CLICK TO READ MORE]