Since This Is A Major Election Year, Let’s Do Some Political ‘Supposing’

April 12, 2012 My, my, my! Is this one of those “a-truer-statement-has-never-been-made” moments: “Arrogant Ignorance is no longer an Oxymoron – It’s a growing political movement.” Read on and decide for your self. ♦♦♦♦♦ If you’re at least 18 years … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Medical Bills: The Major Cause Of Personal Bankruptcies

January 9, 2012 The American Journal of Medicine completed a study (PDF) on the effect of medical cost for Americans. They found that 62.1% of all personal bankruptcies were due to medical cost. Three-quarters (3/4) of those who filed for … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Are You One Of The Grateful Or One Of The Zombies?

Are you aware of the long list of your employment benefits, and exactly *who* got them for you?