Hurricane Sandy: How Will Politicians React When A ‘Superstorm’ Hits Their World?

Today hurricane Sandy’s outer edges are hitting the shores of the North East including parts of New England. The eye is expected to reach land around mid-night between Washington and New York. It has been dubbed “superstorm” even though it … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Today’s Briefs: September 26, 2012

In spite of all the stupidity dripping off Missouri’s US House-candidate, Republican Todd Akin, he hit this one right on the nail: ‘You want to talk to me “write me a decent check”.’ That’s what he told a constituent when … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Why GOP Wants Todd Akin To Drop Out

UPDATE: August 24, 2012 – GOP chairman Reince Priebus admitted yesterday that the reason they wanted Akin out was because they don’t think he can win. CORRECTION: August 21, 2012 3:20 Central – The GOP has not changed their position … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The New GOP Mentality: Female Body Aborts Pregnancy By Rape – Video

The newly-minted Republican US Senatorial candidate of Missouri, Todd Akin, made a complete fool of himselfduring an interview Sunday with a local Fox TV station in St. Louis. Akin “understands from doctors” that a woman’s body is capable of aborting … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

South Carolina’s Ultimate Misuse of Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Money

March 30, 2012 It seems there’s an ongoing contest among state officials to see who can sink to the lowest form of human immorality. Back in February I wrote that both Florida and Wisconsin had decided to use foreclosure fraud … [CLICK TO READ MORE]