The Modified Republican Position Concerning School Teachers

As a result of the Newtown, Connecticut school murders, Republicans have modified their position concerning school teachers.


The Frantic Activity Over Connecticut School Shooting Is Taking Place Far From The School

You can bet your soul that within minutes of first reports about today’s shootings NRA officials were on the phone with each other planning their strategy to defend their position on gun ownership.


Hey! Michele Bachmann! 6 Muslims Murder In Your State! Was That One Of Your Silent Wishes?

CORRECTION: Post title was supposed to read “Sister State”. Bachmann is from Minnesota, not Wisconsin. August 5, 2012 Details are sparse right now, but a mass shooting took place at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, Wisconsin today. At least 7 … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

How Fox News Actually Committed Murder

March 21, 2012 Fox News’ success is based entirely on a public sector that has weak minds and / or refuses to think for themselves. Without those people Fox would not exist. It is these people who are the most … [CLICK TO READ MORE]