OWS Latest Recommendation For Fixing Debt

Completely ignored by corporate media, #OccupyWallStreet offers up a way to pay down the debt without tax increases: “Just pay what you owe!” Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs [with] facts. Economist Henry Rosovsky … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Reason No. 67 for #OWS: Wall Street Bankers Go Free Even When They Laundry $$Billions$$ In Drug Cartel Money

Not until millions of peasants rise up with their pitch forks will Wall Street and Washington change their ways of handling these kinds of travesties.


Reason No. 66 for #OWS: 73 Cases Of Corruption In Congress And No One Is Held Accountable

73 members of Congress have sponsored or co-sponsored legislation in recent years that could benefit businesses or industries in which either they or their family members are involved or invested.