The Effects of a Black President What Would The Political Climate NOT Look Like Had Hillary Clinton Been Elected President?

A black man being elected to the highest office in the land has conspicuously exposed one of our not-so-well-hidden secrets. It has brought out the absolute worst of our society, to the point of being savage.


A New Twist To Voter-Suppression Comes To Virginia

January 10, 2012 Since the Presidential Election of 2008 we’ve seen a dramatic increase in attempts to put tighter controls on voter rights. The common unjustified “justification” for this has been to prevent voter fraud. But as has been pointed … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

More Details on Bloomberg’s Report on the Koch Brothers

October 3, 2011 Knowing most folks simply won’t want to read the report put out last night about the Koch brothers, I thought I just give you a few of the highlights. No don’t go to sleep on me, OK? … [CLICK TO READ MORE]