Let’s Talk About The Tea Party Make-Up

August 3, 2011 When the tea party suddenly appeared in early 2009 with their “patriotic concerns” over our nation’s debt, I was very puzzled to say the least. I was not one of those folks who had “suddenly discovered” our … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Another ‘Isolated Incident’ and An ‘Isolated Near-Incident’

July 24, 2011 Although the first 48 hours following the bombing and follow-up massacre in Oslo, Norway was reported to be by radical Islamist, we now know it was really a fundamentalist Christian, blonde, blue-eyed terrorists named Anders Breivik who … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Georgia Voters Voted to Support Fat Cats – and It Paid Off

Georgia voters voted for tax cuts and they’re rewarded with a tax increase.


What A Perfect GOP Budget and Tax Policy Would Look Like

Sacrifices by the middle class, poor and seniors would be astronomical.