CNBC’s Becky Quick Nearly Gave Joe Kernen A Heart Attack – VIDEO

James Tisch, Loews CEO, was a guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning, but he wasn’t talking about Lowes per say. The conversation focused on their other businesses, mainly oil and gas, and natural gas pipelines. It was the latter … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

OK, Let’s Talk About These ‘Small Businesses’ Eric Cantor and the GOP Keeps Throwing In Our Face – Again

Once again those “small business” tax-cut advocates trying to con the public on exactly who those tax cuts are really for.


Exposing the Con Game of ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ – UPDATE It’s Not a Shortage of Oil That Drives up Gas Prices; As Usual, It’s Wall Street Greed

A shortage of oil and / or gasoline is not the cause of high gas prices.