Wanna Know Who Wall Street’s Political Party Is? (As if You Didn’t Know Already)

OpenSecrets.org kindly gave us the following graph of Wall Street’s political “donations” over the past 5 years. Pretty tied up until two years ago; guess who’s been winning that race since – big time? … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Faces of Destruction Those Hell-Bent on Destroying America if Anyone Opposes Them

We Independents and most Progressives knew within one month of the opening of the 112th Congress in 2010 that an element of ultra-extremists who were hell-bent on destroying the American political system had invaded Washington; willing to force their will … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

When Will Your Employer Blackmail You For Donations To His Preferred Political Party?

Coal mine owner is blackmailing employees to contribute to Republican Party.


The White Working Class vs. Obama and Romney

In an effort to understand the minds of the white working class in America, the Public Religion Research Institute recently conducted a survey of “non-Hispanic white Americans without a four-year college degree who hold non-salaried jobs, and make up roughly … [CLICK TO READ MORE]