Do Republicans Actually Believe In God’s Existence? I Seriously Doubt It.

With their blatant hypocrisy, lies and deceptions, one has to wonder if Republican officials truly believe in God’s existence.


Hurricane Sandy: How Will Politicians React When A ‘Superstorm’ Hits Their World?

Today hurricane Sandy’s outer edges are hitting the shores of the North East including parts of New England. The eye is expected to reach land around mid-night between Washington and New York. It has been dubbed “superstorm” even though it … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Today’s Briefs: September 26, 2012

In spite of all the stupidity dripping off Missouri’s US House-candidate, Republican Todd Akin, he hit this one right on the nail: ‘You want to talk to me “write me a decent check”.’ That’s what he told a constituent when … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

If Obama’s Expanding Poll Lead Continues To Grow, Does That Mean Romney Will Loose? Not If 2004 Plays Out Again.

Over the past two months President Obama has been every-so-slightly increasing his poll lead over Mitt Romney. He’s even gained in the so-called “swing states”; in some cases, taking the lead. There are several reasons for this; however, Romney’s inability … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Bill Clinton’s DNC Keynote Address – Video

There’s been a huge amount of scuttlebutt today about President Bill Clinton’s Keynote address last night at the Democratic National Convention. The shocker has been the positive response by several moderate Republicans. Typically I would not have watched the speech. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]