100 Reasons Why Our Economy Is Collapsing

October 7, 2011 The Economic Collapse recently gave us the reasons why every adult American should become an activist. And I don’t mean in support of our favored political party. The two parties’ are at the core of the problem. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The History of OccupyWallStreet

October 5, 2011 A friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that he had never heard of OccupyWallStreet until the day before I mentioned it to him. That wasn’t surprising given the fact that for the first two … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Is Drinking Water On Schedule To Become A Privilege Rather Than A Right?

July 19, 2011 A recent article by CNBC about Australia being the leader in trading water caught my eye. I may not have paid much attention to it had I not read other reports in the past on the same … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Hopefully Newt Is Finished; America Can’t Afford Him

June 14, 2011 The headlines last week is considered a sign by many that Newt Gingrich is finished as a Presidential candidate for 2012. While the alternatives aren’t much better, if any, the country certainly doesn’t need Newt Gingrich sitting … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Biggest ‘Job-Killer’ In America Isn’t What Republicans or Democrats Say It Is With “Special Thanks” to Reagan and Bush I (and Clinton)

June 5, 2011 The US has about 14 million people officially unemployed (PDF). However, there are more than 6 million who are looking for work but not considered part of the workforce. That’s more like 20 million unemployed. TechnoMetrica Market … [CLICK TO READ MORE]