Tell Me. Are You One Of The ‘Food Taster’ Fools?

For the past few days the right, led by Fox Faux, the right-wing media has gone crazy over President Obama having a food taster. So tell me — are you one of the fools falling for the intended implication that … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Bill Clinton’s DNC Keynote Address – Video

There’s been a huge amount of scuttlebutt today about President Bill Clinton’s Keynote address last night at the Democratic National Convention. The shocker has been the positive response by several moderate Republicans. Typically I would not have watched the speech. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The National Debt: ‘Republicans Built That’!

President Bill Clinton’s Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention has garnered a lot of praise from both the left and moderate right. Naturally the moderate right had praise that differed from the left, but praise none-the-less. The reason is … [CLICK TO READ MORE]