For Republicans, GOP’s Citizens United Ruling Working As Planned

May 4, 2012 The US Supreme Court, lead by a GOP Court majority, ruled in January 2010 that corporations were, in effect, “humans”; giving them complete legal freedom to purchase as many federal and state elections as they so desire. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Florida GOP Attempt’s To Ban Certain Professions From Running For Office

January 27, 2012 Here we go again — taking another baby-step toward eliminating political opposition. Republican state Senator John Thrasher of Florida has proposed a bill that would ban state college and university employees, such as professors, from serving in … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Those Wisconsin ‘Fiscal Conscious’ Republicans Willing to Stiff Taxpayers for More Than $500K to Run Fake Democrats in Recall Elections

June 15, 2011 Don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in Wisconsin or not, but if not, you should get caught up on the happenings their. In a nutshell the Republican Governor, Scott Walker, and … [CLICK TO READ MORE]