Laura Ingraham Chooses To Ignore Real Reason Romney Lagging Obama She Blames Romney’s Hired Help

Right-wing extremist Laura Ingraham said recently that the Republican Party should be shut down if they loose the Presidential election this year. “If you can’t beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party. Shut it down, start … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Verdict Is In: Overwhelming Evidence Finds All Major News Sources Guilty As Charged Of Shielding Banks From Libor Scandal

For the entire eight-week period following the breaking news of the biggest banking scandal in history, the big six news media have dedicated a grand total of 44 minutes to it.


How Anyone Could Say GOP Is Not All About Protecting The Wealthy Is Beyond Comprehension

There was a time when Republicans attempted to camouflage their allegiance to the wealthy, but not today; they’re letting it all hang out now.