Reason No. 57 for #OWS: GOP Solicits Their ‘Partners’ – The Oil Industry – To Help Them Fight To Keep Government Welfare For Industry

May 16, 2012 The oil industry enjoys the proud status of being the most heavily subsidized industry in the US while being the most profitable industry on earth. We seem to not care but we should; it adds $100 billion … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Reason No. 32 for #OWS: Wall Street Banks Realize a $13 Billion Profit from $7.7 Trillion Federal Reserve (Virtually) Interest-Free Loan

November 29, 2011 The first time CPS News mentioned back door taxpayer money going out to Wall Street banks was in April 2009. That term was used in numerous posts thereafter. But as pointed out in the first one, absolutely … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Bankers and Housing Industry Want Lower Down Payments for Home Buyers

June 14, 2011 OK, so there we were in September 2008 when all hell broke loose and the financial crisis threw America and the rest of the world into a depression that everyone still insists on calling a recession. Immediately … [CLICK TO READ MORE]