Today’s Brief’s: November 16, 2012 UK vs. US on Bank Bailouts, BP Criminal Plea Reveals Fox Faux's Lies and Wall Street Banker's Go after Elizabeth Warren

A report is out this morning saying that United Kingdom tax payers could lose $107 billion (66 billion pounds) used to bailout the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds during the height of the financial crisis of 2008. Margaret Hodge, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

QE3: Wall Street Party’s, Main Street On The Hook – Again

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke shoved another train load of money out the door yesterday right into the hands of Wall Street in the form of QE3. He’s promised $40 billion each and every month until — further notice; with … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

It’s A Tough, Never-Ending Job Defending Corrupt Capitalism – UPDATED Corporate-Friendly Media and Front Groups Struggle Mightily to Keep the Status Quo

Capitalism, when treated fairly and with respect, provides the best economy a nation could hope for. But when it is abused, misused and subjected to greed the way it has been in our country, it becomes the worst economic machine … [CLICK TO READ MORE]