Look What’s (Still) Missing In This Season’s GOP Presidential Primary

January 9, 2012 If you were paying close attention in 2008, there was one thing you never heard from the Republican Presidential candidates. Now everyone knew why, but the “why” was never mentioned either; at least by the GOP candidates. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The ‘Messaging’ For War With Iran Is Well Underway

January 3, 2012 Last month I wrote about how Republicans seem to have an eternal love affair with war, and suggested that either Syria or Iran would be next if left up to the GOP. Well, it certainly looks like … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Rise (and Rapid Fall) of Republican Presidential Candidates

September 27, 2011 There’s been a very noticeable and consistent pattern with Republican Presidential candidates this season. If you’ve been paying close attention you shouldn’t have missed it. Of the primary candidates, Gary Johnson was the first to declare his … [CLICK TO READ MORE]