The Greatest Benefactors Of Citizens United Ruling

As predicted, Republicans are by far the greatest benefactors of Citizens United.


For Republicans, GOP’s Citizens United Ruling Working As Planned

May 4, 2012 The US Supreme Court, lead by a GOP Court majority, ruled in January 2010 that corporations were, in effect, “humans”; giving them complete legal freedom to purchase as many federal and state elections as they so desire. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Book of Justification

Decide first what you want to do, and then search for the justification in the book. It’s there someplace; all you have to do is interpret it to suit your desires.


The ‘Not-So-Honorable’ Justice Clarence Thomas

June 23, 2011 After being given a criminals’ full pardon by the nation’s citizen’s over their ruling on Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission, the Supreme Court now feels absolutely undaunted to flaunt their corruption. The latest: “Real estate magnate … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Koch Brothers’ Current Best Friends: Walker and Prosser

April 13, 2011 I guess it’s true what they say: manure always floats to the top. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, with the assistance of state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, has proven he is nothing but a puppet controlled by … [CLICK TO READ MORE]